Saturday, 27 December 2014

A little fantasy

Here's a little something I thought off earlier in the day.I always wanted to be groped in public,especially in the MRT.Honestly,if someone groped my ass in the crowded train,I would let him do it.Its just a huge turn on.This afternoon,on my way to town,there was this handsome guy standing behind me in the train.Kept stealing glances of him,from the window reflection.I was so tempted to lean on him,pressing my breast on his back.But it din happen cause I was too shy,maybe some day...
anws comment below on your fantasies you have and maybe I will try to fullfill it hehe :)


  1. How about putting in a vibrator while in the mrt?
    or a intense bondage sex?

  2. How about being groped by banglas?

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  4. Hello Jane,

    My name is Jezebel. I have the exact same fantasy as you do! I would want to dress in a really tight fit dress and feel guys grope me all over in a crowded MRT or bus! Hahah. Anyway, that aside, I'm an erotica writer as well. I do hope that I can be friends with you. My e-mail is and my blog is

    I hope to hear from you soon! (Sorry. Wrong post earlier.)