Sunday, 4 January 2015

Older men

Every guys dream is to have that one girl that will please him anytime and anywhere.Haha if you think otherwise then sorry I am wrong.Anyways,a little info about myself,I am currently working part time as a office girl.Helping the boss type his documents,make him coffee and other mundane stuff,that's basically what I do.Its a boring job to some,but its a totally exciting one for me.Most of my colleagues in the office are old uncles,the youngest is probably in his mid 30s.Can you imagine the thoughts going through their mind,when they see a young girl working with them?If you have worked with me before,you would realize I like to tease people.I usually wear and white blouse and an office skirt with no panties.I would usually make sure to wear my black bra,so it stands out more prominent in my blouse.Its quite an eye sore to some aunties in my office,but I don't care,its not for them to see anyways.Its for those poor uncles,who's wife don't give them what they want.I know,I am a total slut right:).

Anyways,there's no action in the office yet.Some of my the uncles there are very shy,although they always glance in my direction when I walk by.There's only this uncle in the office who is very touchy,we call him uncle boo in the office.His actually the only single guy in the office,although his in his late 40s.He has a huge tummy,probably from all the beer he drinks.He started out placing his hands on my thigh when he comes over to my desk and talks to me,I din't reject him of cause hehe.Then he got bolder and place his hands around my waist,when I'm standing beside him.Can you imagine the stares I got from the other colleagues?Then he started spanking my ass whenever I walk past him.Honestly,although its not much,its quite a turn on.This guy is practically old enough to be my dad.I can't help but have fantasies about him. 

I masterbated to the thought of him on a few occasions and I love it.I really hope he advances on me :)...