Thursday, 28 May 2015

2 cocks

Hi guys sorry for being away for such a long period.Many things changed since my last post.I will slowly explain them in my up coming posts.

One of my major changed was that I went into a relation with a guy I knew for a long while.His name was Ben.He was a normal looking guy,I would not say he was my ideal type but somehow things worked out and we got together.But I have to admit the sex wasn't great,he was cum before I do.That was like a huge issue cause it actually takes me a lot to actually have a orgasm.He knows he can't last long and was trying for a solution.That's when he intro-ed me a friend of his name Jackson.Jackson was this guy who has a weird fetish of having sex with other people girlfriend and I was his next target.He asked Ben if it was possible and Ben agreed,without my consent at first.

So one night when we were having sex,Ben actually invited Jackson over to join.He hid himself in Ben's closet.I was fully naked in front of Ben who was busy sucking my tits.I then returned the favor,he knelt down and I got on all fours and started sucking me.That's when Jackson appeared,I din't hear him coming out of the closet.My ass was already in front of him ready to be taken hard and rough.Ben kept me busy with his dick and started face fucking me.His balls slapping against my face like piston going hard and rough abusing me.Then after I got the surprise of my life,someone else cock entered my pussy.I wanted to turn around and look but Ben kept me at his dick,face fucking me like no tomorrow.Jackson was quite big,he really went deep,but most importantly he was rough and wild.He constantly slapped my ass which was a huge turn on.You can tell from my previous few posts,that I love to be treated like a slut.I din't know Ben knew this stranger fucking me,until he they talked about switching places,Jackson took out his dick and got in front of me,It was my first glimpse of his body and face.He was handsome but his body was skinny.He was small in the right places but big at the most important one,his dick :). He and Ben switched their place.He got in front of me and told me to suck him,which I happily agreed on.Ben took me from behind,his first thrust was hard and long,he left his dick in there to let me adjust.I sucked Jackson wildly,determined to make him cum before me.He face was so orgasmic,he was in heaven.I was also close myself,Ben was fucking me hard,which was so nice.

Before you know it,Jackson started to cum,he held my head and forced me to drink his cum.Ben also came and filled up my pussy.And of course I came too,Ben took his dick out and finger fuck me while I came.My juice came out freely,which was so hot.I felt so satisfied.

Ben soon after informed me that Jackson would be a regular customer and I was to be his slut. HEHE  guys this was just one of the things that happen.