Monday, 22 December 2014

New friend/old friend

So where was I,oh yeah I'm fucking my previous tuition teacher.I always had a crush on him when I was younger,but I guess in his eyes back then I was just a little girl and wasn't at all a women he would love.We actually lost contact for awhile after he decided to stop teaching to pursue something else.Until recently he facebooked messaged me asking how was I.One thing let to another and he asked me out for dinner,not one of those things you will ever hear your ex teacher say to you often.But I said yes :).

I was actually quite excited to meet him,I even took the time to dress up.I ended up wearing a floral tight fit dress I bought from Bangkok.I really wanted to impress him and this dress really shows of my figure.I decided to go commando(like always hehe)just in case something happen hehe if you know what I mean.He picked me up from my house and off we went.He looks relatively the same as before.Just that now,his a little bit on the plum side.But still having the same good looks I fell for.
Skipping the details about dinner and back we were in his car.He wanted to send me home,but that's when I made my move.Before he could start the ignition,I place my hand on his crouch and started feeling his dick.I can feel his dick growing in my hands and boy was he big.I know he was slightly taken aback from the situation and was momentarily stunned,but his facial expression was priceless.I unzipped his pants and started working on his dick,giving him a blowjob.After 5 mins of sucking and stroking,he finally came to his senses.He grabbed my hair and pushed me down,deep throating me,face fucking my face.His other hand reached forward to grab my ass,squeezing them as I suck him off.Then he gave me specific instructions to continue sucking him as he drive.Honestly I felt a little unsafe,slowing down with the sucking.Who knows what can happen when he has an orgasm.But each time I slow down,his hand pushed the back of my head urging me to suck,it was quite a turn on actually.We finally reached his carpark,he parked the car and continue to face fuck me until he came in my mouth.I suck him clean.We then made our way to his house and then to his bedroom.He wasted no time stripping me to see the goods.He turned me around giving me a light spanking when he realized I wasn't wearing panties hehe.At that point of time,I was so turned on,my pussy was already wet.He started to finger my pussy,my mind was about to blow with the shear pleasure his giving me.Cant't wait for his dick to fuck me.He started licking my nipples while he finger me,giving me double the pleasure.Then he got under me and started eating my pussy.This is why I love fucking experience man,they really know their stuff.His face was completely wet with my pussy juice.

Then the part I was waiting for,he put my legs on his shoulders and penetrated my pussy.He start thrusting me hard and fast.Then he whispered in my ears"tonight you're gonna be my cum dump",which I totally don't mind.He started pumping away as he squeeze my tits.Just before he was about to cum,he took out his dick and stuff in my mouth,face fucking me.Honestly I never got face fucked by such a big dick before.It was quite intense,but I love it.He face fucked me until I feel warm cum flowing down my throat...

And from that night onwards,I knew our relationship would not be the same ever again hehe.Just recalling this session,is already making my pussy wet.Till next time fellow readers:),maybe for christmas I will give you guys a special treat. gdnite.....

Oh yeah and one more thing,don't drink and drive people Christmas is around the corner,I was surprise my ex teacher only watched me drink through out the dinner.But I'm glad he did not.Alright people goodnite....

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