Friday, 26 December 2014


So guys what's your ideal Christmas present?How about a naked girl wrap with a huge ribbon along the waist?haha this was what I decided to do for this lucky guy.This lucky guy is none other than Kenneth.He was actually having a really bad month.Family problems,school and some of his friends weren't being supportive at all.Which is annoying the hell out of me,I mean friends should be there for one another.I actually wreck my brain thinking what to give him.There is 2 things I know Kenneth loves,exercising and sex hehe.I thought of letting him bring me to the gym and follow him through his workout,I mean the best present you can get,is the gift of company right?haha but I decided not because I would probably die halfway through his workout and I really wanted to survive to 2015.Anyways so the next best thing I could give him is sex.It not only allows him to relieve all the tension pent up in his body,it also allows me to have fun hehe.

So last night I was alone at home,it was actually quite sad.This is my first year not spending Christmas with the family.My parents went on a tour of Europe and won't be coming back to 2015.My younger brother and his friends are at Bangkok for Christmas and New year.Leaving poor me alone at home:(.Anyways just when I was about to message him on Monday,he actually messaged me first. Due to some family problems he is facing,he is not celebrating Christmas with his family,he was wondering if he could spend it with mine.I told him that I am alone too and that we could work something out*wink wink*. Fast forward time a little and there I was getting ready.Things really din work out as I thought it would.I could not find that huge ass ribbon I was looking for,so we just have to do without.Finally my door bell rang,there was Kenneth.I wrap myself with a towel and open the door.He was carrying a picnic basket,filled with hams and some sandwiches.Just as I close the door behind us,I playfully drop the towel*oops*.Kenneth was taken aback by what he is seeing,I bend down exposing my pussy to him and picked up the towel.Somehow Kenneth caught the drift,he picked me up and carried me to my room.He threw me on bed and started stripping,showing me his wash board abs.I start licking his nipples while he fondle my tits.I unzip his pants,pulled down his boxers and took out his dick.I immediately started sucking on his hard dick,fondling his balls.I can tell his feeling good by the way he moan,I got a bit faster picking up the pace.He then started to take over,he grab my head and start thrusting his hips.He face fucked me real hard,it was such a turn on being dominated that way.Once he was done,he spread my legs and started licking my inner thighs,making me pussy soaking wet.It feels so good being lick.He then start rubbing my already wet pussy,at that moment I am already wet as fuck.I start to beg him to finger me and he smiled.Whispering in my ear,"what a slut",I smiled too hehe.He slide two of fingers into my pussy,pumping me hard.I started to moan loudly,which turned him on even more.He ravaged my pussy with such force,my boobs start shaking along as he finger me.His hand now dripping wet with my pussy juice.He start sucking on my pussy,licking up all my pussy juice.Getting a mouth full of pussy:).He held my hands down so I could not move as he suck on my pussy.My mind was about to blow with pleasure and I started to cum,squirting juice all over his face.My body shaking from the orgasm,he got up and smiled at me.He put my legs on his shoulder,slide his dick into my pusssy and continue fucking me.I started to go wild,I just wanted him to make me his slut.Just want him to fuck me all day,every day.

He continue fucking me,changing positions and location around my house.Its such a turn on,especially fucking in my living room,where my family always hang out to watch movies together.I cummed another time on the carpet.He continue fucking me there until he cummed.He took his dick out and unload his juices all over my face.Honestly,I don't know about other girls,but I really love having cumshots on my face.

Both of us washed up and had our dinner together before he left my house.Just to make sure everyone knows,Kenneth isn't my bf,his just a good friend.Besides having sex,we actually like hanging out with each other.I'm actually very nice to my friends.I will share with you guys my experience with my childhood friend wei jie another time hehe.In the mean time,I hope this is enough for you guys.Love y'all,goodnite hehe

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  1. i juz can't get enough of wanna lick u and fuck u so hard, so badly...=p