Sunday, 9 August 2015


sorry guys for all the lack of posting,hope all my faithful readers are still reading my post:(.Let me give you guys some glimpse about my past.

The sluttiest thing I ever did in my entire life up till this point was giving a blowjob to one of my ex boyfriend's father.It was something I did on impulse,his dad was actually a very nice man.He treated me like his daughter.One night his son and I had a huge fight,his son just left the house leaving me in a mess at his house crying on the floor.His dad came to comfort me,he put his hands around me comforting me.Somehow as I remembered he gave me a very warm feeling that I turned me on slightly.I wanted to get back at his son,so what better way then to blow his father's cock.His wife and him were divorced so I din't had to feel guilty.

I kept trying to put my hand on his crouch but he kept pushing me away.So I decided to take off my top revealing my tits to him.As you guys know 99% of all man can't resist the body of a 21 year old(yes I was 21 when I did it).He gave in and I started giving him a hand job first,his cock was huge way bigger than his son's.I started cupping my mouth over his dick and blew him like no tomorrow.

Remember above I said that his father was a nice man haha,he was a monster when comes to sex.He grab my head and started face fucking me,which is actually such a turn on.He blew his load on my face and made me lick the cum off his dick.

The weirdest part,we did not even had sex,I think he felt guilty for his son.But I din't care.Soon after this experience,his son and I broke up,we never saw each other since.


  1. You are good at giving surprise...

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  3. Great. I'm looking for more dark secrets.

  4. Love your blog! Do you have a contact email/messenger?

  5. Whoa damn....I can't imagine having so much conflicting feelings when that happened! Looking forward to more stories!