Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Feeling horny?pt 2

Sorry i could not finish the story last night,but I was getting horny and needed to do something about it(wink...wink).Honestly recounting this experience isn't easy at all.It really makes my pussy wet just thinking about it,but I love it.Something about letting someone else dominating me,really turns me on or maybe I'm just a slut hehe.Okay back to the story =)...

So I was kneeling on the floor,with my chest and pussy exposed to the two guys. Lets call them Raj and Jason for easy reference :).They were clearly having a hard on from seeing a naked girl in front of them,I mean who would not right?Seeing an exposed girl kneeling in front of you at your disposal?comment what you would do to me okie hehe. So Raj took out his fully erected dick and shaft it into my mouth,which I gladly suck.He start thrusting his hips,grabbing my head while he face fuck me.Jason came over with his pants down and I gave him a hand job,while I continue blowing Raj.Kenneth came in too,with his dick getting all hard again ready to go another round.I took turns sucking them,getting their precum all over my face. Raj picked me up,turn me around,bend me over and pounded my pussy from behind.At the front of I was sucking Kenneth's dick again and giving Jason a hand job. Raj started to play with my tits while he fuck me hard from behind. I was so horny,I could feel my own pussy juice dripping down my thighs.It was kind of hard to moan when you have a dick in your mouth.They took turns fucking me,making full use of the slut in front of them. At that point of time,I just wished no one else would enter the toilet,as I din't want to fuck another random guy.The sex was so intense that I cummed four times fucking them.All three of them cummed in my mouth,making a mess of my lipstick.

Once they were done,they helped me up and straighten my shirt for me.Kenneth's two friends left first with a satisfied smile on their faces. Kenneth accompanied me back to my class and before he left,he whispered in my ear"This is only the beginning". I went into class still overwhelmed by what just happened and did my presentation,which wasn't easy.

Till next time people,love you guys :)


  1. How I wish I own a slut like you .. thumb up for you! pls continue..

  2. U r so naughty as delay to finish ur story. Must punish u hard (wink)

  3. really enjoy reading your adventures

  4. i would carry u up out of the cubicle as its too small for such hot action of mmmf...i would then grab ur hips up and start licking and finger ur pussy coz i bet u have overflowing juice by now...slurps...and i would ask u to beg for a cock in ur mouth...hehhee....upon seeing u sucking the cock like no tomorrow...i would thrust my hard cock into ur pussy without ur notice to catch u surprise (i bet u would totally love it)...the rest for u to imagine...haha....

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