Thursday, 30 October 2014

fun in school

The one thing good about being in poly,is that you get to wear anything to school.I woke up late for my morning lecture this morning,so I went to have a quick shower and got change quick. Dressing up for me is pretty simple,I wore a white color tank top over my black bra and a pair of fbt shorts from my volleyball days with no panties today. If you follow me long enough,you would realize that I have a habit of going commando,only wearing my panties during that "time" of the month,if you know what I mean. I flag down a taxi and headed to school.

I walked into the lecture hall and hurried to a seat. Since it was pretty late, the only available seats were at the back at the lecture hall. The thing about seating at the back,is that you can get away with almost anything,because attention will never be on you. Anyways I was such in a hurry to seat down that I did not even realize who I was seating beside,his name is Kenneth.Kenneth and I met at zouk a couple of weeks back. We were grinding each other hard at the club,soon later I was giving him a blowjob in his car and that was the end of the night. I did not even realize we were in the same poly, yet alone having the same module. Kenneth is a very athletic person,who is in my schools dragon boat team. He visits the gym on a regular basis,his body is tan,lean with big arms.Today,he was wearing his dragon boat t shirt and a pair of berms. He looked at me and smiled,his eyes fixated on my cleavage. My face immediately blushed as I recalled back what happened in his car,which he took noticed too.

"Hi,wasn't expecting to see you at all,but what a pleasant surprise." Kenneth said

Our conversation started from there. Soon later we weren't even paying attention to the lesson anymore,we were just absorbed into one another. One topic led to another and we somehow managed to be talking about that night at the club. Both of us are clearly attracted to one another,at least physically we are but we din't had sex that night. It had bothered him for a few days and for awhile he forgotten about me,until he met me today. The recollection of me blowing his dick,made me horny and I can tell that he is too. He put his hands on my legs as we talked,probably testing the water. To be honest at that point of time, all I wanted was him to finger my pussy with his big strong arms. I have a soft spot for guys with big arms. I started leaning closer,nearer to him,flashing my cleavage at him. His berms wasn't doing a good job hiding his bulge.

I whispered in his ears "lets finished what we started" and gave his ear a little nibble.

We exited the class and went to the nearest handicap toilet. As soon as the door was lock,he started to grope my breast. At that point, I already surrendered my body to him,I was his slut. He took off my tank top and bra and started groping my bare tits. Licking my nipples skillfully with his tongue. My body felt so good,that I started moaning. He warned me to be quieter, as there were students outside. He slide my fbt shorts down and was surprise to see me not wearing any panties.

"what a slut you are" he said

He begin fingering my pussy,my mind was almost blown away. His arms are so strong,I feel that he can tear my pussy apart but I din't want him to stop. His hand dripping with my pussy juice.He started licking my pussy,giving me double the pleasure. My moans get louder and more uncontrollable. Whoever walks past is bound to hear me. He then turn me around and pin me against the door. He grab my ass and give me a light spank. "I'm going to fuck you like a slut" he said. He shaft his dick straight into my pussy,I bit my lip as he did so. He grabbed my hair slightly and fucked me against the door. I was so close to the door now,my moans would be heard by anyone outside. But I don't care anymore, all I want to do is get fucked by him. The sound of fucking "piak..piak..piak" is definitely loud enough to be heard from outside. Just when he was about to cum,he took his dick out turn me around and put his dick into my mouth. Leaving me no choice but to drink his cum. I start sucking him,cleaning his dick. Then after he helped me wear my clothes and off we go out of the toilet. I wonder how many people heard me moan just now, honestly the thought of this made me turn on again.

Before leaving me to go for his next class,he whispered in my ear "You are my slut now" and then he took my phone to dial in his number. I wondered whats in stored for us in the future....


  1. Indeed a nice slut.
    wish I have a slut like u

  2. oh my..u got me so horny...wish i could fuck u so hard now...=p